Roam Rowdies Represent Black Women in Mountain Biking

Roam Rowdies Represent Black Women in Mountain Biking

Chamois Butt'r believes that diverse representation is critical for the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in cycling. That's why we are proud to support athlete, Brooke Goudy, in her personal athletic goals and her endeavors to increase representation for Black women in off-road cycling.

One way she is accomplishing this is through a program called "Roam Rowdies."

What is Roam Rowdies?

In an Instagram post created by The Roam Collective and Brooke, Roam Rowdies is described as, "a collaborative program between Brooke and The Roam Collective, designed to support more strong Black women mountain bikers." 

Women and femmes who participate in this program receive:

How's the program going thus far?

Brooke reports, "I'm still having all the feels about Roam Fest in Knoxville. It was the first official Rowdy event and I'm so proud that I was able to partner with Roam and continue to show up and take up space with other Black women. I am grateful to Roam Collective for making this a reality."

And we are grateful to Brooke and Roam Collective for doing this work to make mountain biking and off-road cycling a space where Black women feel seen, supported, and ultimately like they belong in this sport.

Want to learn more about why representation in outdoor sports is so important? Check out Brooke's 5-minute documentary "A Space For All."

How can you support Brooke?

Consider supporting through a small donation that goes to Roam Rowdies here

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