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We're passionate about helping you make the most of every single ride. Start with Chamois Butt'r® to immediately improve comfort and enjoy smooth miles all day long.


“If you’re not using this kind of cream on the places that rub-you-wrong during your bike rides, I guess my question is, why on earth not? It certainly works for me.”


“Saved my butt (literally) on a 400+ mile overseas tour. I have notoriously sensitive nether regions and I really think I wouldn't have been able to finish this trip without Chamois Butt'r. One tube lasted me 3 months of training and the trip, with maybe a 1/4 tube to spare...highly recommend.”


“My thighs rub together like nobody's business. This saved my life. There is ZERO greasiness. Apply generously, massage into problem areas and GO. I was genuinely shocked by how amazing it was. I don't leave my home without it. 10/10 would recommend.”


“Absolutely no chafing! This is a life changing product that every woman who has thighs that touch should own. I’ve tried every name brand no chafe cream to keep my butt/thigh/crotch area from chafing with no luck. Until now!”


“This is the best cream...don't be fooled by the other guys’ products. Chamois Butt'r has the formula down. I do not chafe with this cream, even after 100 miles in the saddle...I don't need to reapply during the 100 miles. I carry an emergency packet in my saddle bag...just in case.”


"Chamois Butt’r has ascended from its holding place in my bike helmet into product VIP area: the bathroom shelf. This cream will be your new best friend."

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