Making Our Space: Unbound and Beyond

Making Our Space: Unbound and Beyond

Making Our Space: Unbound and Beyond tells the story of cyclists riding for more than competition. “My hope is that this film and these events will raise awareness and support for queer and trans athletes not just in gravel, but in every sport, not just in the US, but all over the world. Sport, like play and rest, is fundamental to a fulfilling life and everyone deserves to show up and participate at every level of sport as who they really are,” said Robins about the film.


When Butt'r ambassador, Abi Robins became the first Non-binary Champion of Unbound Gravel in 2021, they found themselves unexpectedly on the top step of a podium. Abi spent the last two years working to create more space for trans and nonbinary athletes in cycling. “Making Our Space” follows nonbinary cyclists, Abi Robins, KC Cross, and Apollo Leonard, as they prepare for Unbound Gravel in 2022 and navigate the world around them. The film, a partnership between Giant Bicycles, Shimano, and Lifetime Athletic Events, will be released on Youtube on July 17th followed by in-person screening in Austin, TX on Sunday, July 23, 2023 at ATX Bikes. More information can be found here

For more information about supporting queer and trans athletes in gravel and beyond please visit and 

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