Indigenous Youth Granted Opportunity and Access with Silver Stallion's Navajo Nation Mobile Bike Repair

Indigenous Youth Granted Opportunity and Access with Silver Stallion's Navajo Nation Mobile Bike Repair

Chamois Butt'r believes that bicycles can solve all kinds of problems, from environmental and transportation to health and wellness. Without access to bikes, support, or education, many miss out on these potentially life-long positive impacts of riding. 

In honor of Indigenous People's Day we are highlighting the Silver Stallion Mobile Ride Center and hope you join us by donating to support this great organization benefiting the Navajo Nation by creating sustainable programs for health and wellness that is fun and engaging for everyone in the community.

There are currently no bike shops across the 27,000 square mile Navajo Nation reservation. Over the course of 13 events, the MRC repaired a total of 454 bikes for free in 7 different communities  of Crownpoint, NM, Fort Defiance AZ, Chinle, AZ, Many Farms, AZ, Nazlini, AZ, and Rockpoint AZ and built 29 new bikes - all of which were used to kickstart a first-year riding club at a local school. The MRC also employed up to 6 local mechanics per event. Through on-going Silver Stallion Mobile Ride Center programming rural locations beyond Gallup can begin to flourish in regard to increased ridership, camaraderie, trail development, general health and well-being. In 2018, Silver Stallion Bikes founded the Gallup Composite NICA Team (GLP MTB). Since then the team has outgrown itself and two other NICA Teams have been developed, including a team composed of Diné youth.

Donate here: 

Your donation will support:

  • Mobile Ride Center: One Free Bike Repair event per week throughout the months of February to May 2021 (target goal of 480 repairs).
  • Bicycle mechanic training & education
  • 4-6 paid mechanics at each event
  • Coaching for two eight-week DEVO riding programs over the Spring and Summer for 5 groups (total of 35 kids) across the Navajo Nation and in Gallup.
  • Expansion of trail systems 

About Silver Stallion bike shop:

Silver Stallion is a small business nonprofit 501(c)(3) bike shop+coffee shop located in the heart of the reservation border town Gallup, New Mexico. Throughout the Reservation area that surround our brick & mortar, there are many resources and opportunities that are surprisingly absent from the landscape. As example, across the 27,000 square mile Navajo Nation there is not one bike shop. Not only is our vision to increase regional bicycle ridershipour mission is to also sustain it by providing access and approachablility to industry resources, bike service repair, and a small business setting to enhance our Black Apron bicycle mechanic and coffee barista educational programs.

For the young lives that step through our door, we hope to empower and develop vocational skills and a personal self belief to determine their own future. Upon exiting our doors, along with them, we know there are thousands of other business doors around the world they can walk through confidently.

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