What will you OUTRIDE?

April 18, 2020

OUTRIDE has set out to prove cycling benefits your brain! Through their research, cycling programs, and grant giving activities, they provide evidence based cycling interventions to improve social, emotional, and cognitive health.

We’re proud to support athletes using their voice to empower others on the bike. During tough times and good, let’s remember a check-in with ourselves or a friend is always a good idea. Read a beautiful reminder from Alison Tetrick below and consider joining us to support OUTRIDE:

Alison M. Tetrick: “Under normal circumstances, I wake up in middle of the night replaying conversations and editing e-mails or texts. My mind spins with what I should’ve said or what I will say or what I should or will do. It is like the domino effect and suddenly I’m in an alternate reality that is now impossible, but I sound smarter, I am more compassionate, and I make better decisions. The problem with a good memory, is that my rewind button functions at a high rate of accuracy but rewind doesn’t exist in real life. My Grandma once apologized that she gave her “worrying brain” to me. She said she would wake up in the middle of the night and lose sleep that the sheets weren’t ironed. I loved my Grandma so much. We were kindred spirits. We baked pumpkin pies and cross-stitched. She taught me casseroles are the solution to most catastrophes. She would take me to a movie when my parents were busy on the ranch. Her and my Grandpa (my mom’s parents) lived in a separate house on the property. When I didn’t plan well enough or was haphazard in my actions, she would remind me to “use your noggin, Alison”. Don’t rush. Be mindful. Why are you always in a hurry? She would ask. Speak slower. Take a breath. Use. Your. Head. She taught me to make the best pie crust on the planet (and you have to make sure to save a little extra for a cinnamon and sugar delight called called “schnetka”, a German pastry made from the trimmings of the “extra” raw crust that you make as you wait for the pie, which of course, we consumed before sharing with anyone else). She would be upset with me now, knowing that I don’t even own an iron, and can’t fold a fitted sheet to save my life. But, she would be understanding in the fact that I lose sleep over typos and puns left by the wayside. Yet, in today’s world, the anxiety is more prevalent than ever. I know it is hard for those that need exercise and release to focus in our current environment. I am a proud ambassador for @iamspecialized’s @outride and I will #OutrideAnxiety. I will do my part to keep moving forward and taking note of not only my mental health, but that of other’s (even if from a virtual distance). What will you #Outrideduring this pandemic? 🙏🏻”