Her – Sandi – MO, USA

“I have sensitive skin, and in particular I have always been sensitive to any products that are scented. I purchased the Her’ Chamois Butt’r for the first time, and was a little concerned because it has a light lavender scent. The people at Chamois Butt’r assured me that it has no artificial fragrance, that the scent comes from the lavender used in the ingredients. I also like the idea that it is pH balanced for women. I have an issue with scented soaps causing things to get out of whack in the hoo ha area and cause yeast infections, so several years ago I switched to unscented soap and eliminated the problem. I have been using the Her’ Chamois Butt’r and I have not had any female problems after using the product. It works great for me, and its proven to be a great product for someone like myself who is sensitive to products. The Her’ Chamois Butt’r is working great for me!” Sandi – MO, USA September 2013