Steve Mathews

Founder, President and CFO Paceline Products, Inc.
Registered Physical Therapist
BS – University of Kansas

Married to Dr. Mitzi Mathews. Daughter Kara and son Curtis have both worked at Paceline Products. Steve is a lifelong bicycle rider, who like many, started cycling by riding his Schwinn Stingray in his neighborhood and to grade school. He started riding longer distances with friends in High School. During college his bicycle was his primary or only mode of transportation for many years. He began bicycle touring in Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana during and shortly after college. Steve participated in multiple competitive sports in high school, and crew in college. He participated in duathlons and triathlons in the early 80’s. He began USCF racing in the early 80’s and continued thru 1990. USCF racing allowed him to ride and race throughout the central US and he participated in USCF rider development and soigneur camps at the OTC in Colorado Springs. He developed Chamois Butt’r, with much input from racers and medical professional friends, during the late 80’s and early 90’s. He and Mike Scanga, owner of Bicycle X-Change in Wichita, KS incorporated Paceline Products in 1993 to market Chamois Butt’r. Professional racer Scott Moninger purchased a share of Paceline Products in 1997. In 2004 Steve purchased all the outstanding shares of Paceline Products, Inc. for the opportunity to grow the company further. Steve continues to ride road, cyclocross and mountain bikes recreationally.