Sweaty Bike Ride Must Haves: Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash Cleanser

May 6, 2020

Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash is the perfect post-ride cleanup when a shower is not available. Thanks to athlete Max Janatsch for putting Skin Wash to the test and showing us how the dirty work gets done!

“I’ve bike commuted over 500 miles in the last few months, and nothing is worse than being “that” person at work who is stinky.. thankfully Chamois Butt’r has a magic solution for this! SKIN WASH 💯 It leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh, and your co-workers will appreciate you!”

Apply Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash directly on your skin and wipe skin clean with a cloth or paper towel. Amazon Prime available now (add to Amazon cart here).

• Chamois Butt’r Skin Wash is made in the USA
• Clean fresh scent leaves skin feeling cool and refreshed
• Safely and effectively removes sweat, road grime, massage oils and embrocations from skin
• Does not leave sticky residue or film on skin after use