Chamois Butt'r

Chamois Butt’r Original is a non-greasy skin lubricant developed by cyclists for use with all chamois. It immediately improves riding comfort & soothes already chafed or irritated skin. Chamois Butt’r isn’t just for cyclists! It lubricates, soothes, and softens the skin of all athletes who experience chafing.


Apply liberally to skin and/or chamois before each ride. May be applied to any skin areas that rub together or against clothing. Apply to skin to soothe & soften.

Customer Review
  • “Until Chamois Butt’r my cycling was always an uncomfortable event. Originally I used Penaten Cream having slathered this on all 5 of my kid’s bottoms when they were still in diapers. But it was messy & hard to wash out. I discovered this product a few years ago when I got a small sample at a charity ride. Since then I never ride, or paddle or in-line skate or even hike without it. You can apply it to any & all of your “delicate” areas. I put it on my feet before my boat shoes go on for kayaking & I never get blisters or wrinkly skin. I use it where ever there might be a chance of friction … legs, toes, chest etc. It lasts a long time. It never stains my clothing & is easy to wash out.” – Arlmar, FL