Get More Kids on Bikes by Supporting People for Bikes

April 24, 2020

Chamois Butt’r is a proud to continue as a 2020 sponsor of People For Bikes for all they do for our community and industry. Not only can you find plenty of resources about riding in your city, but the organization is actively working to promote better riding conditions for all of us by lobbying in Washington, D.C., and by participating at the local level.

One great initiative People for Bikes is supporting is getting more kids on bikes. While not every town may have the best bike infrastructure, they’ve found that communities willing to be flexible and get creative have a lot of opportunity to grow youth participation and improve the experience for kids on bikes.

A proud 2019 recipient of People for Bikes kids programs is the Minneapolis Bike Parks Lake Nokomis Regional Park Bike Park. The PFB Community Grants provide funding for important projects that build momentum for bicycling communities across the U.S. The park has been open for nearly a year providing kids a safe place to learn, play, and explore while building a lasting connection with a bicycle and their friends.

In December 2019, People for Bikes had another big win for kids’ bikes with tariff relief was granted. The three exclusions are retroactive to the date on which the tariffs were first imposed, Sept. 24, 2018, and will remain in effect until August 7, 2020. While this reprieve is not permanent, we estimate it will save the U.S. bike industry $120 million in extra duty payments that can either be reimbursed or completely avoided in the future. Bike purchasers will save even more.

While trade issues may seem outside the traditional work of PeopleForBikes, ensuring that Americans can affordably and easily access bicycles is critical to the future of bike riding in our nation.

Currently, only half of Americans have access to a functional bike. This is one of the largest obstacles to people riding bikes more often, and it is a particularly significant barrier for women, older people, and lower income populations.

We encourage you to support People for Bikes to continue to work on our behalf to make riding safer, better, and more accessible for all people.

“The first night of @mplsbikeparks Girls Bike Adventure program is in the books! 20 excited and eager youngsters showed up to ride bikes and make new friends.”