Meg Fisher’s Advice Will Motivate You to Push Farther

May 23, 2020

Meg Fisher is an athletic performance coach, motivational speaker, and doctor of physical therapy based in Missoula, Montana. Her personal athletic achievements include Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medals from the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Games, ten-time world champion, and retired member of Team USA.

Meg’s road to success has not been easy. At 19 years old she was involved in a tragic car accident that nearly killed her, leaving her in a coma and stealing the lower half of her left leg. A lifelong athlete, Meg is always in hot pursuit of opportunities that demonstrate the capacity of the human body and spirit.

Meg is riding her Salsa Cycles Warbird for Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up for Good today at her local ski hill gravel road 14-15 times accumulating 15,885 feet of climbing. Check out her entire setup in the video below. She’s riding a Catahoula Ergonomics saddle with her Chamois Butt’r and you can support Meg’s COVID-19 fundraising efforts here.

We asked Meg to share some advice for people gearing up to ride to remember your why.

“I truly believe we are all more capable than we know. 

It often takes uncomfortable challenges for us to discover and appreciate our strength and resilience.  

Years ago if someone had told me that I’d lose my leg, the life of my dearest friend and suffer lasting brain damage after spending some quality time in a coma, and yet go on to earn 11 world championships, 4 medals at The Games for Team USA- including a gold, and earn my doctorate… well… I can’t believe it’s my life.  

Losing my leg is the obvious challenge that everyone can see. I don’t hide it and I’m very proud of what I’ve overcome to be on the bike. 

Tomorrow’s ride is for people who are working to overcome something that effects the whole world. If by me riding me bike for a very long time draws attention and funding to a cause as important as COVID Relief, than I feel lucky to be alive.”

Meg is sponsored by @salsacycles @sramroad @zippspeed @quarq @gorewear.

Meg Fisher’s dialed in for the #GiddyUpforGood ride