Join us to support Phil Gaimon for No Kid Hungry

December 9, 2019

Chamois Butt’r athlete Phil Gaimon has partnered with No Kid Hungry to raise $100,000 for children in need this year. Here’s a worthy reminder today. $1 = 1 meal 🎁 DONATE HERE 

“As we cook and eat today, please accept this gentle reminder that if you’re having meat (as I am) or eating any big meal and enjoying yourself, respect the lives and effort that went into it, the labor and resources that got it to your table, and the folks who have less on theirs–not saying you should feel guilty, but don’t waste, save your leftovers, appreciate what you have, and consider a donation to No Kid Hungry or another form of giving back that feels appropriate to you. Xo and Happy Thanksgiving” – Phil 📷 @hyla