Giddy Up for Good Prep with Yuri Hauswald

May 23, 2020

Chamois Butt’r athlete Yuri Hauswald knows a thing or two about long distance rides. The 2015 Dirty Kanza 200 winner gets comfortable riding big days back-to-back and has been preparing for the Giddy Up for Good Challenge in Petaluma, California. Yuri will be climbing 29,680 feet of elevation on Pine Flat in Sonoma County, CA and shared a few tips he’s using for the ride.

If you’re not familiar with “everesting,” it’s a challenge where cyclists pick any hill and climb it repeatedly until they reach all 29,029 feet of Everest’s glory (read our blog Craziest Trend in Cycling?). This weekend, cyclists across the globe are coming together to support Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up for Good where you can run or ride in 20, 56, or 100+ mile increments to raise money for the Be Good Foundation and COVID-19 relief.

Yuri and Keegan Swenson (most recent everesting record holder). Keegan’s words of wisdom to Yuri: 1) Go fast on the descent; 2) Protect the under carriage and double down with chamois cream ; 3) Eat solids on the descent; 4) Have a good play list.

Yuri’s “mountain to climb” is Pine Flat in Sonoma County. After a few days of recon on site, he began his journey at 4 am this morning (Saturday, 5/23). Check out his setup below and a quick video from the road. Yuri is riding with Chamois Butt’r Coconut for smooth miles while he pedals for good.

Recon work climbing Pine Flat

There’s still time to sign-up to ride with us and you can also participate with donations. Let’s help Yuri maintain the donation leaderboard, you can donate to his Giddy Up for Good fundraising efforts here:

Final shake out ride at Pine Flat