Everesting Pinewood Canyon for Giddy Up for Good with Logan VonBokel + Lots of Chamois Butt’r

May 23, 2020

Memorial Day weekend Logan VonBokel will use his Sage Titanium Bicycles Skyline to ride up the “Rattlesnake” climb 23-times to “Everest” the segment for a climbing total 29,029 ft. Riders and runners around the world are joining together for Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up for Good Challenge to raise money for the Be Good Foundation and World Bicycle Relief (providing bikes for healthcare workers in rural Africa). 

 “Why “Everesting”? For me, it’s a big enough idea to gain attention for the foundations we’re trying to support. And the 13-16 hour effort is a solemn and humble nod to the healthcare workers around the word whose daily efforts keep us all safe. 

I ain’t doing this because I’m built for it. I’m grateful for Zack’s advice on pacing, fueling, and equipment nerdery.”

“Known as the Pinewood Res Climb on Strava and among the locals as “Rattlesnake,” it’ll be my Huckelberry for about 15-hours this Saturday. Thanks to Rebecca Rusch for dreaming up this craziness – giving cyclist and runners everywhere the chance scratch the competitive itch, while raising some $$ for good.”

Logan’s plan:

• 23.2 round trips
• 135 miles
• ≈15 hours
• 29,029ft

I’m a data nerd to a point, and where my data nerdery ends, my Source Endurance coach Zack Allison’s takes off. I had this idea, but no plan. Really, I just wanted to throw down with my friends – both on our bikes, but also in this fundraising competition. The work that World Bicycle Relief is doing now, is incredibly important to reducing deaths in rural Africa by empowering the medial workers with transportation in the form of bicycles.  This is a part of the world that entered this global pandemic already on the backfoot, and now, they’re even more of afterthought than before as everyone is so wrapped up in their own health and daily hurdles. 

Please consider donating to Logan’s fundraiser here or contribute by purchasing a Pine Brand “GIDDY UP” t-shirt here: http://pineprintshop.com/cds/be-good

$10 of each shirt purchase goes to the fundraising efforts.