Event Sponsorship Information

2017 Chamois Butt’r Sponsorship Information 

Thank you for your interest in a Chamois Butt’r event sponsorship! Listed below are some of our most frequently asked questions and general information about our Event Sponsorship Program. If you need more information or clarification about our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact information is listed below.

How do I put in a request? Please read over our Event Sponsorship Information found Here, and then download, complete and submit the Event Sponsorship Request Form by mail, fax or email to:

Paceline Products, Inc
Event Sponsorship
6607 Royal Street
Pleasant Valley, MO 64068
Toll Free: 888-411-0287
FAX: 816-792-2690
email: info@chamoisbuttr.com 

Any restrictions? We prefer to receive your request form at least 90 days in advance of the event date. All Event Sponsorship Requests will be considered even if the request form is submitted within 90 days of the event.

Please note that we do not pay sponsorship fees.

What if Chamois Butt’r has sponsored my event in the past? We would love to sponsor your event every year, but we can’t promise we will always be able to. Please submit a request form every time your event occurs and we will do our best to continue support. A request form needs to be submitted for each event you want considered for sponsorship.

If I submit my application on time does that mean I will automatically receive sponsorship? Sponsorships are not given automatically. Being on time and a good fit increases your chances, however we can’t guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.

Besides Chamois Butt’r, what other sponsorship items are available? We have Chamois Butt’r logo items such as banners, water bottles, and other miscellaneous logo items that are made available to Sponsored Events. Please indicate on your request form if you have a raffle or offer door prizes at your event and we may provide some of these additional logo items at no charge!

*Special incentives will be offered to events that have permission to, and are willing to share participant email addresses. Must be submitted in excel format.

Please feel free to make additional comments on the Event Sponsorship Request Form or a separate sheet of paper if you need more space.

Once you have been approved for a Chamois Butt’r Event Sponsorship, feel free to download our Chamois Butt’r logo for use on your website or other event promotional materials.