Craziest trend in cycling? EVERESTING with Phil Gaimon + More

May 22, 2020
Chamois Butt’r Athlete Phil Gaimon, “Never doing that again.”

We’re a few hours away from Memorial Day Weekend and it’s safe to say that “everesting” is the new trend that’s been taking over our feeds all week and guaranteed to continue into the weekend.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s when cyclists pick any hill and climb it repeatedly until they reach all 29,029 feet of Everest’s glory.

It’s not a new challenge, but the phenomenon is certainly new to 2020. Last Monday, Chamois Butt’r athlete Phil Gaimon broke the world record by climbing Los Angeles’ Mountaingate Drive 60 times in 7:52:12. No big deal right? Think again. Puking into his beard may allude to why he called everesting the “craziest trend in cycling” (and is now clean shaven). Lucky for Phil, his crotch was happy in the saddle for 8 hours with his Chamois Butt’r Eurostyle.

Four days later on Friday, May 15 U.S. national cross-country mountain biking champion Keegan Swenson, 26, broke Phil’s record by riding Utah’s Pine Canyon Road 29 times in 7:40:05.

As “insane” as the challenge may sound, the circumstances of riding solo during COVID-19 actually create the perfect conditions to make the challenge approachable to anyone willing to suffer for a personal milestone in the midst of so much unknown during this pandemic.

Another motivation? Many of these pros are sitting in the saddle to raise money for good causes. Phil for No Kid Hungry and Keegan for Bike MS.

This weekend pros and weekend warriors alike are taking to the hills in support of Rebecca Rusch’s Giddy Up for Good Challenge in support of the Be Good Foundation and COVID-19 relief efforts. Chamois Butt’r athletes like Yuri Hauswald, Meg Fisher, Brian McCulloch, Logan VonBokel, and Crystal Kovacs will all be riding.

The Giddy Up for Good Challenge includes rides from 20, 56, and +100 distances so even if you’re not interested in reaching the summit, you can be part of the community.

A big part of this ride is preparing by doing your homework and getting your gear dialed in. Check out Phil’s prep video to see how he prepared and even more tips from Phil Gaimon’s recap video (including why Chamois Butt’r is a must have). And of course, the current from the current world record holder, Keegan Swenson’s words of wisdom: 1) Go fast on the descent; 2) Protect the under carriage and double down with the Chamois Butt’r 3) Eat solids on the descent; 4) Have a good play list.

Phil Gaimon’s Everesting Must-Have: Chamois Butt’r Eurostyle