Bike Month Grants – Partner Highlight: OUTRIDE

May 7, 2021

We will highlight one organization each week and then put our money where our mouth is by donating $1,000 to them. We’re asking you to help us find a fifth non-profit organization that will receive our fifth and final $1,000 donation. You can participate by nominating an organization you think deserves support with the remaining $1,000 grant here: When you nominate an organization, you’ll also be entered to win a weekly giveaway from Chamois Butt’r. We’ll be announcing winners on  our @chamoisbuttr social media channels.

Our first non-profit beneficiary is Outride, a 501c3 national youth cycling nonprofit that partners with schools, community programs, coaches, teams, and cyclists to diversify the next generation of riders, cultivate inclusive cycling communities, and advance healthier futures for youth. 

Outride was brought to our attention by Alison Tetrick who’s part of our Chamois Butt’r athlete team and who also serves as an Outride Ambassador. Co-founded in 2014, by Specialized Bicycles founder Mike Sinyard, the organization was initially focused on research and a middle school cycling program to help youth achieve cognitive, physical, and social success. In 2019, Outride became an independent nonprofit and added the Outride Fund, a matching community grant program, and now focuses on three areas of action: research, partnership, and access.

RESEARCH to better understand how riding impacts the brains of humans – especially young ones.

PARTNERSHIP,  the Outride Fund cultivates inclusive and thriving cycling communities through matching grants to projects that increase access to and help sustain involvement in youth cycling. 

ACCESS, the Riding for Focus is a  program for students to support academic, socio-emotional, and physical wellbeing. The program provides middle schools with everything they need to get their 6th-8th grade students riding; including bikes, helmets, curriculum, and teacher training.

So far Outride has positively impacted 70+ Community Partners 50K+ Youth participants 200 associated Schools in 44 States.

The Outride team believes “Bicycles have the power to make lives better—they bring people and communities together, motivate us to become better humans and help us to take advantage of what the world has to offer. At Outride, they are committed to breaking down barriers so that all kids have access to bicycles and safe places to ride. Outride believes that bicycles can improve the health of our youth and also bring the power of opportunity, agency, freedom, and joy to those who have access to the power of two wheels.”

From the Chamois Butt’r perspective, we’re so excited to say that our National Bike Month Donation to Outride really will put another Butt on a Bike! 

See how Outride breaks down how our $1,000 donation is spent.

Bike = $435

Helmet = $45

Individual Full Support (teacher training, curriculum) = $520

With our activation and Bike Month donation, we’re a part of a larger program that puts one kid on a new bike and into the Outride program. Here’s how you can continue to help support Outride:

Follow Outride on social: @outride

Join the Outride Club on Strava

Donate yourself! Sign up on Classy to raise $ to get more kids on bikes!!

Spread the word!!! Tag @outride #outridetogether

Remember: You can win Chamois Butt’r gear when you nominate a non-profit partner here: