Bike Month Grants – Partner Highlight: Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry

May 19, 2021

No Kid Hungry works to provide children in the United States with healthy and consistent meals. We’ve been a partner of the Chefs Cycle ride that benefits No Kid Hungry since 2018 and our product donations to the yearly Chefs Cycles event allows the organization to save money so that more of the funds raised go directly back to the cause. Chamois Butt’r sponsored rider, Phil Gaimon inspired us to step up our support of the cause with his massive fundraising efforts through Phil’s Fondo since 2018. It’s only fitting that the Cookie Monster of the bike world has worked to promote No Kid Hungry and has raised over $500,000 for the organization.

While connecting with athletes that love our products is great, connecting with athletes like Phil that share our drive for cause-driven work and are using their influence for the greater good, is even better. You can help support Phil’s 2021 fundraising efforts here. Here’s what Phil had to say about why he got involved:

“I was introduced to Chefs Cycle by Jeff Mahin, one of the co-founders. Jeff organized a group of celebrity chefs to do an annual ride as a fundraiser for No Kid Hungry. I learned that there’s no foot shortage in the United States–just food that’s wasted and not getting to the people who need it most. No Kid Hungry has been working to solve this problem through school and government programs, able to turn each dollar into ten meals, and kids who receive this aid show grade improvement and a better chance at going to college. Food insecurity has tripled since the start of 2020 so NKH’s work is more important than ever. I often get messages from adults who I’d never have guessed benefited some similar programs and struggles as a child. You don’t realize how big of a problem it is but it’s all around you, and each meal makes a difference.” – Phil Gaimon. 

The organization is founded from the idea that no child should go hungry in a nation as wealthy as ours. But millions of kids are living with hunger right now because of the pandemic. With No Kid Hungry, you can help change that for good.

No Kid Hungry is not just a pandemic related assistance program. But the pandemic has exacerbated the problem that No Kid Hungry is working to solve. Most of the most at-risk youth have historically relied on schools to help them have at least one good meal per day, and with schools pivoting to remote learning with the pandemic, this source of nourishment has dried up.

This program has pivoted as substantially as the school systems and went on to launch the “Free Meals Finder” within three weeks of schools closing in 2020. 

No Kid Hungry has also sent $74 million in emergency relief to hundreds of schools and community groups across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and Guam. These funds, and the organization’s hands-on guidance, is helping them serve millions of meals every day to children during this crisis. The reach is profound, from Central Florida and rural Mississippi to the Pine Ridge Reservation and beyond. You can see a map of where No Kid Hungry’s grants have landed since the pandemic started, here. 

Since the start of the pandemic, No Kid Hungry grants have helped serve kids and families nearly 1 Billion meals at schools and community sites nationwide. We’re confident our support will help No Kid Hungry continue doing great things. Beyond our donation, we encourage you to join Phil and donate what you can to this cause. No Kid Hungry offers the three best ways you can help, as:

  1. Donate funds
  2. Share the Free Meals Finder on Facebook, here.
  3. Email Congress to support Hungry Kids by strengthening SNAP..

If you’d like to participate in Chefs Cycle annual ride, we invite you to ride at home in 2021 by partaking in the Freestyle Ride between now and the end of August.