Announcing Chamois Butt’r 2021 Ambassador Team

April 23, 2021

We’re proud to announce 16 new members of our ambassador team Happy Bits to spread the good word of how Chamois Butt’r makes bike rides better. The team brings together riders from many disciplines and all walks of life, including road cyclists, bike packers, gravel grinders, mountain bikers, triathletes, moms, dads, friends, and all-around bike stars. These folks have all types of backgrounds, but they’re bound by a love of pedaling—lots of pedaling.  

Team Happy Bits will promote all kinds of bike life, along with Chamois Butt’r’s full line of skincare products throughout North America during the 2021 season. The riders are excited to share Chamois Butt’r’s mission to make every ride more comfortable. 

Kyle McFarland

Kyle is based out of Salt Lake City and is the owner and head coach of White Pine Athletics. With a background as a roadie, gravel/mtb rider, and long-course triathlete, Kyle is no stranger to long

days in the saddle. His focus is to set a good example for the athletes he coaches and to show that through hard work and passion for riding, anything is possible.


Lisa Powell 

Lisa lives in Queen Creek, Arizona and rides trails and roads all around the Phoenix area. She races MTB, Crit, and Road, and loves to bring her bikes when traveling to discover new areas to ride. 


Andrew Clinkscales

Andrew Clinkscales lives  in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He says the reason he rides bikes is for the network of great humans he gets to meet as well as for the adventure. The escape from the daily grind is always a treat whether its riding gravel across the city or bombing down the mountain trails as fast as possible. I even still get out on the BMX from time to time! The love of bikes never fades for me.


Amy Parulis

Afterin being born and raised in Connecticut, Amy now lives in Longmont, CO. She pays the bills by working as the PrePack Supervisor at The Pro’s Closet where she spends most her days drooling over all types of bikes. When she is not at work you can most likely find her either riding one of her three bikes or hiking with her wife. She discovered gravel riding when she moved to Colorado and fell in love in a heartbeat but still won’t give up my road bike. She rides to get outside, enjoy mother nature, and destress (and eat more donuts). 


Peta Takai

Peta is  a CFO by day and bike adventurer for the rest of the time. She rides road, gravel and mountain and loves to travel to new places, ride new routes and meet new friends. 


Ramon Corrada

Ramon Corrada is from Puerto Rico. He is a long-time sports enthusiast and athlete who is passionate about cycling and loves to ride road bikes as well as mountain bikes. He is a proud husband and father of two young boys (who also enjoy riding bikes) and is a sports tourism, sports marketing, hospitality, and events university professor. He also volunteers time with the LIVESTRONG Foundation, Movember, and the ItCouldbeMe organizations. 


Meg Fisher

Meg Fisher is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Athletic Trainer, Coach, and Motivational Speaker based in Missoula, Montana. Her personal athletic achievements include Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medals from the Rio 2016 and London 2012 Games and ten world championships! 


Beckie Irvin

Beckie Irvin lives on Osage, Caddo, and Quapaw land, also known as Fayetteville, Arkansas. She is a mountain biker, gravel cyclist, and bikepacker. In 2019, she co-founded Grit MTB Festival, a 3-day event for women and non-binary mountain bikers to ride, dine, and camp together. 


Morgan Chaffin

Morgan resides in Omaha, Nebraska. She is the founder of Crush 3 Racing, along with being a masters swim coach for Lifetime Fitness and a local endurance coach. Currently her team consists of twenty hard working and passionate triathletes and runners. Among other things, Morgan is also a professional triathlete with a passion for the challenges of gravel cycling and eRacing. She is the two time winner of the extreme triathlon, Alaskaman and has competed in the Norseman Xtri World Championships. In her free time, she loves spending time with her Brittany Spaniel, Pedal, who enjoys following Morgan on her bike and exploring the great outdoors.


Zach Sandall

Zach Sandall lives in beautiful St. George, Utah. He is a veteran and started riding with the Wounded Warrior Project. For him, riding started out as a way to improve my overall fitness. Now it has become his getaway and a way to refuel and get rejuvenated, helping him keep life in perspective and to maintain a positive mental attitude. 


KC Cross

KC is a Mental Health Therapist by Day and Gravel cyclist/MTB’er also by day but sometimes at night! KC is currently based in Northwest Arkansas, also known as The Mountain Bike Capital of The World. They also spend a significant amount of time throughout the months riding in Austin, TX where their fiance currently lives. KC is incredibly passionate about increasing representation for BIPOC & Queer cyclists as well as creating community so that others feel safe and welcome. KC is one of 25 BIPOC cyclists competing with Ride for Racial Justice Team that will race SBTgrvl this upcoming season. KC is excited to dive deeper into gravel racing and spread the Butt’r love!


Christian Giani Madrid

Christian-Giani Madrid is from Belize, Central America, but currently lives in Springdale, Arkansas. He started riding bikes at age 14 and it’s been a therapeutic and life changing experience since! 


John Croom

John Croom is a professional cyclist and van loving adventurer. In 2014 he was 19, 300lbs and had just figured out what a bike was! While playing around on a cheap fix gear bike with old parts, he began to become intrigued with the thoughts of racing after watching a bike race at the local velodrome. People would tell him, “You’re too big John…” “You’re not meant to be a cyclist….” etc. But he went on to prove them wrong and lose 100lbs in the process!

Now he’s a 3x time national champion in track cycling, a national record holder and Pan American Games Gold medalist, and he’s chasing his Olympic dreams and going for Paris 2024. While going for Paris he will be riding some of the biggest gravel, mountain, rad and track events the country has to offer all while living in his van. Head to to see when you can meet him at an event and share a coffee!  


Charon Smith

Charon Smith can most often be spotted cycling in southern California, but his sports have taken him many places. He’s an avid athlete and has multiple titles to show for it. 


Nicole Sin Quee

Nicole is Jamaican, but she currently resides in New York (the Bronx to be exact). She is an athlete, teacher, fitness model, wife, and mother and loves to be on two wheels! Especially when those two wheels are on an MTB trail. 


Jess Brunson

Jess is a Maryland girl living the bike life in San Antonio, Texas. She has spent seven years cycling the world and even made it her 9 to 5! Professionally she designs and frames infrastructure and procedures for cycling throughout the city and hosts rides, events,  and crit races for the community. To keep the goodness flowing, she teaches yoga with her dog Morty. She enjoys enjoy riding her single speedster to the river and sunsets with the hopes of pizza  (always). 


Georgeta Ungureanu

Georgeta was born and raised in Romania and always had a bicycle to commute and ride with friends. She started racing road and track four years ago in Los Angeles with Sisterhood of Cycling. She loves it because it empowers her and helps her feel mentally and physically strong. When she’s not riding her bike or working, she loves to go swimming and hiking with friends.